About your portrait session

What happens next?

To book with Stephanie's Creations Photography the session fee is collected and a contract is signed.

This is non-refundable but can be put towards a future session if cancellation is needed.

More than 2 reschedules then the session fee will not be valid and a new session fee will be required. 


1.  Schedule a session 

     A date and time is set for your session.

2.  Pre-session consultation.

     This can be over the phone, email, or my studio.  Here we will discuss your goals and what we will do to achieve those during your session.  We will discuss what to wear and how to prepare.  Newborn clients will receive a detailed questionnaire so I will have a better understanding of your style.  

3. Session Day

Relax and let me do all the work.  We have prepared for this moment!  By this point I have confirmed your session day and time with you and have answered any additional questions.   Photographers are like farmers, we watch the weather like hawks.  In the case of bad weather I will make the call to reschedule to a time and day that works.


5. Online Gallery

Depending on the time of the year it can take up to 2 weeks for your online gallery to be posted.  At this time you may place your order.


If you choose Stephanie’s Creations Photography for your photography needs, you can expect hospitality, customer service, a relaxed but organized atmosphere and to have a great experience while capturing moments that will last a lifetime. I believe in creating a high quality experience during every bit of the photography process and will strive to give you the best possible experience from initial contact to the last print order.